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Minex International belongs to one of the most successful investment groups in Pakistan.Minex International belongs to one of the most successful investment groups in Pakistan.

Our Himalayan Salt producing unit is located in Korangi Industrial Area Karachi. Being part of this city helps us attract high skilled labor and fast access to the sea port.
Our edible unit is completely automated end to end State of the art to alleviate the chances of human exposure to food. We have installed stainless steel machinery with the end to end solution from washing to drying and separating the salt. We take pride in our unique tailor-made plant which has no analogs.
Minex is a premium manufacturer and worldwide exporter of Himalayan Pink Salt. We have established the company in 1977. We export global

Our Vision


In Minex we are striving to adhere to international vision, move with the times and adjust to any customer’s demand or requirement in terms of processes, certifications and product development. We strive to provide the best value for money for products with an overwhelming service.

Our Goal


Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our customers and increase our reach by providing genuine and fair approach in business.

At Minex International, our clients are our greatest source of inspiration. That’s why we designed our services to provide you with the best possible support and for the smooth development of your activities.

Minex International
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